A syntactially non-incorporated sentence part or sentential form; ellipsis; an independent sentence part; vocative; interjection Exd_Pa

Representation of ExD_Pa


Afun ExD_Pa is assigned in the following cases:

  • to all parts of parenthetic clauses, in which a predicate is deleted, be it the case that a full expression would have get afun Pred_Pa (example (1) and (2)) or some <afun>_Pa (ex.(3); here a parenthetic clause would be concerned, with Atr_Pa: který hraje za Viktorii Žižkov who plays for Viktoria Žižkov),

  • to all occurrences of vocatives (ex. (4)),

  • to independent, extrapolated expressions (ex. (5)).

Words with ExD_Pa are emphasized.

  1. image

    před   smrtí,   neznámo   proč,   si   koupil   tramvajenku  
    before   death   unknown   why   Refl   he-bought   tram-pass  
  2. image

    ráda,   bože,   jak   by   ne,   ležím  
    I-like   my-goodness   how   would   not   I-lie-down  
    I like, my goodness why not, to lie down
  3. image

    a   hetriku   dosáhl   Marek   Trval   (Viktorie   Žižkov)  
    and   hat-trick   scored   Marek   Trval   (Viktorie   Žižkov)  
  4. image

    Marečku,   podejte   mi   tužku  
    Mareček   pass   me   pencil  
  5. image

    šachy,   ty   bývaly   mým   koníčkem  
    chess   that   used-to-be   my   hobby