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Characterization of Analytic Tree Structure (ATS)
The layer of analytic syntax does not immediately correspond to a level substantiated by linguistic theory, although it may be viewed as coming close to the level of 'surface syntax' as present in the earlier stages of Functional Generative Description (FGD) (see Sgall, 1992 as for reasons to abandon this level and thus a multistratal approach). The main difference between 'surface' and the analytic layer is that every function word and punctuation mark gets a node of its own in the syntactic network.

 Values of the analytical function attribute (available in: pdffile, psfile)

Transducing the ATSs to TGTSs
An automatic procedure has been formulated and implemented that carries out tree-pruning (i.e. that transforms most of the nodes that represent function words and punctuation marks into indices added to the labels of the nodes for autosemantic words), changes some of the morphological symbols (for number, tense, modality, etc.) into grammateme values, and establishes new nodes in some prototypical cases of surface deletions; see PDT references for more detailes

Documentation of the annotation style on analytical layer is available in PDT References. Description of the post-annotation checking steps done at the syntactic-analytic layer is available ( pdffile, psfile). All papers related to  theoretical background and to various tasks of automatic processing upon the PDT analytical layer are listed below (alphabetically by the last name of the first author).

The file pdt.bib contains a collection of books, papers, technical reports related to the PDT.
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