MT Marathon 2018 Accepted Papers

At MT Marathons, new or improved open-source tools are presented. Their descriptions are published in PBML, the Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics.

Perhaps due to non-reviewed publications repositories like becoming more recognized, or perhaps due to NMT being more compact and less friendly for independent tools, we received only very few submissions this year.

List of Accepted Papers

Open Source Toolkit for Speech to Text Translation [slides]

Thomas Zenkel, Matthias Sperber, Jan Niehues, Markus Müller, Ngoc-Quan Pham, Sebastian Stüker, Alex Waibel

NMT-Keras: a Very Flexible Toolkit with a Focus on Interactive NMT and Online Learning [slides]

Álvaro Peris, Francisco Casacuberta

Program Committee in 2018

  • Ondřej Bojar (chair)
  • Ondřej Cífka
  • Jan Hajič, Jr.
  • Martin Popel
  • Bohumír Zámečník