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Morfo – Czech Morphological Analyzer

A project of the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University

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System MORFO for morphological analysis of Czech

The morphological analysis assigns (lemma, tag) pairs to every wordform. Lemma is a basic wordform, tag is a code describing morphological properties of the wordform. Generally, there are more (lemma, tag) pairs assigned to a single wordform. The morphological analyzer returns all of them. The selection of the most appropriate pair in a given context is a task for the tagger. The MORFO system consists of four units:


The user must agree with the licence and fill in the registration before usage of the binary distribution.

x86 binary is available for download. Use tar xzf <filename.tar.gz> to unpack it. (2010-05-06)

Source code is available for download. Use tar xzf <filename.tar.gz> to unpack it. (2010-05-06)

Older releases

i386 binary/20080423.

i386 binary/20091009.

Source code/20090730.


The documentation is included in the tar archive. Since it may be difficult to compile its parts from DocBook sources, pdf files are linked here.

There is also available incomplete programming/reference documentation. However the analysis is covered well.

Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics 2008

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