David Mareček, Milan Straka

Related Publications:

  • David Mareček and Milan Straka: Stop-probability estimates computed on a large corpus improve Unsupervised Dependency Parsing. In: Proceedings of ACL 2013.
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  • David Mareček, Zdeněk Žabokrtský: Unsupervised Dependency Parsing using Reducibility and Fertility features. In Proceedings of the NAACL-HLT Workshop on the Induction of Linguistic Structure, pages 84–89, Montréal, Canada, June 7, 2012 [pdf]
  • David Mareček: Unsupervised Dependency Parsing. Doctoral Thesis, MFF, Charles University in Prague, 2012 [pdf]



The previous version of the parser written in Perl is available here: udp-0.9.tar.gz