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December 13-16, 2010, Prague, Czech Republic

Travel Info

From the Airport to the Mamaison Hotel

Prague Ruzyně International Airport is 16km away. When driving, follow signs to "Centrum". Once you arrive at the bank of the Vltava River, turn left and the hotel will be visible on your left.

Please take bus number 100 to Zličí­n Station. Change here to metro, line B and take it to Anděl Station. Here take tram number 4, 7, 10, 14, or 16 to Zborovská Tram Stop.

From the Train Station to the Mamaison Hotel

From Hlavní Nádraží International Train Station is 3km away. Please take tram number 9 to Lazarská Stop. Change here either to tram number 14 and take it to Zborovská Tram Stop, or take tram number 9 to Arbesovo náměstí­ Tram Stop.

Holešovice International Train Station is 6km away. Please take tram number 14 directly to Zborovská Tram Stop.

Smí­chov Train Station is 1.5 km away. Please take tram number 14 directly to Zborovská Tram Stop.

From the Mamaison Hotel to the Computer Science School building

Please take tram number 12 or 20 from Arbesovo náměstí­ Tram Stop to Malostranské náměstí­ Stop (4 stops)

Useful links

http.// Prague public transport is a very useful link to find your train, bus and public transport connection.
Note: click the little English/German flag in the lower right corner to use the English/German version is a link to an electronic map of the Czech Republic with a very good search system; metro and tram lines are included.

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