D. Analytical function description

Table D.1. Analytical functions (AF) in the CAC 2.0

AF Description AF Description AF Description AF Description
Pred predicate, a node not depending on another node; depends on # Pnom nominal predicate, or nom. part of predicate with copula be AuxC conjunction (subord.) AuxK terminal punctuation of a sentence
Sb subject AuxV auxiliary verb be AuxO redundant or emotional item, “coreferential” pronoun ExD a technical value for a deleted item; also for the main element of a sentence without predicate (externally-dependent)
Obj object Coord coord. node AuxZ emphasizing word AtrAtr an attribute of any several preceding (syntactic) nouns
Adv adverbial Apos apposition (main node) AuxX comma (not serving as a coordinating conjunction) AtrAdv structural ambiguity between adverbial and adnominal (hung on a name/noun) dependency without a semantic difference
Atv complement (so-called determining) technically hung on a non-verbal element AuxT reflexive tantum AuxG other graphic symbols, not terminal AdvAtr dtto with reverse preference
AtvV complement (so-called determining) hung on a verb, no 2nd gov. node AuxR passive reflexive AuxY adverbs, particles not classed elsewhere AtrObj structural ambiguity between object and adnominal dependency without a semantic difference
Atr attribute AuxP primary preposition, parts of a secondary preposition AuxS root of the tree (#) ObjAtr dtto with reverse preference