3.3.2. Sport clubs

Names of sporting clubs are often combined of the proper club name and a geographical name of the location the club comes from. The former should have _;K in lemma, the latter should have _;G.

Of course, it may be difficult tell whether a word in a foreign club name is a location. If you do not know, annotate it as a company. To determine, whether something is a name of a town or a club, you can try to find that name on a map (eg. http://www.expedia.com/pub/agent.dll?qscr=mmfn) or to find the club (e.g. http://www.soccerage.com/).

Table 3.5. Examples of sport club names



SKP Union Cheb

SKP_:B_;K / NNNXX-----A---- // Union_;K / NNIS1-----A---- // Cheb_;G / NNIS1-----A----

Chelsea FC

Chelsea_;G / NNFS1-----A---- (part of London, UK) FC-1_:B_;K_;w_,t_^(football_club)

Sparta Praha

Sparta-2_;K Praha_;G (Although there is a town of Sparta in Greece, it has nothing to do with the football club located in Praha, Czechia.)

Viktoria Žižkov

Viktoria-2_;K_^(jméno_sportovního_klubu) Žižkov_;G


Udinese_;K / NNNSX-----A---- It is an adjective derived from Udine (a city in Italy), the official name of the club is Udinese Calcio (Football of Udine). However, the name is perceived in Czech as a noun.

Names of sport clubs often contain abbreviations. Some are common and present in the analyzer's lexicon (e.g. FC, AC) some are quite unusual (e.g. EV, ERC, EC, ERC, EG, VS, AS). If they are not present in the lexicon, enter them suffixing the lemma by _:B_;K_;w and tag them by NNNXX-----A---8.