3.4. Horses, DJ's etc.

Horses have all kind of names (e.g. Vinná réva, Deprivace, He Shall Reign, La Paloma, Monitor, Frýdlant, Gold End, Lučina, Green Peace, Areál, First, Bounty). Quite often one does not know whether it is male or female (sometimes even female-like names belong to a male horse). One clue is, that in an Oak (a horse contest type), all horses are young mares - females.

If any reasonable analysis is possible it should be used regardless the lemma is marked as name or not. It will be marked as a name within a separate project on named entity recognition. However, if the name is a word that has no other meaning or if it has different gender, a new lemma with the _;Y flag should be introduced.

Example 3.4. Names of horses

  • Vinná réva - vinný / AAFS1----1A---- // réva / NNFS1-----A----
  • Deprivace - Deprivace_;Y / NNFS1-----A----
  • He Shall Reign - he_,t / PPYS1--3------- // shall_,t / VB-S---3P-AA--- // reign_,t / Vf--------A----

Most of the horse names were not annotated correctly in PDT 1.0 - simply any available name was selected. (Otherwise, a new lemma with category Y would have to be inserted in each case: e.g. Deprivace would be Deprivace_;Y, annotated as deprivace, He Shall Reign annotated as a normal English phrase: he_,t, shall_,t reign_,t).

Similar problem is with the names of musical groups and DJ's. For famous groups and DJ's enter separate lemmas, for others use normal available lemmas.