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Vilem Mathesius Lecture Series

The Lecture Series, which were organized twice a year (since 1999, the Series are organized once a year), consist of a two-week programme in which courses are provided by prominent Western and Czech scholars. The courses are attended mainly by students from Central and Eastern Europe (about 30-50 for each cycle), though recently interest has been shown by Western students as well to attend the high-quality courses. The courses traditionally concentrate on prominent theoretical approaches to language structure and language use, to literature and other domains of art, to aesthetics and semiotics, and to the philosophy of language.

Over the years, renown experts in various fields have come to Prague to lecture about the latest developments: For example, scholars like Emmon Bach, and Barbara Partee (both UMass Amherst), Barbara Grosz (Harvard), Charles Fillmore (UC Berkeley), Geoffrey Leech (Lancaster), Wolfgang Dressler (Vienna), Helmut Schnelle (Bochum), and Hans Kamp (Stuttgart).

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