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Vilem Mathesius Lecture Series 15

March 20 – 31, 2000

Krystal hotel, Jose Marti Str., Prague 6

Scientific Programme

  • Anne Abeille (France): Topics in the Syntax of Romance Languages
  • Nicoletta Calzolari (Italy): Issues in Corpus Linguistics and Computational Lexicons
  • Frantisek Cermak (Czech Rep.): Corpora and Linguistics on the Case of the Czech National Corpus
  • Wolfgang Dressler (Austria):Morphogramatics: A New Subfield Integrating Morphology and Pragmatics
  • Libuse Duskova (Czech Rep.): Some Points of Contact and Divergence Between British and Czech Syntactic Traditions
  • Elisabeth Engdahl (USA): Using Corpora for Comparative Syntactic Research
  • Eva Hajicova (Czech Rep.): Sentence Focus and Discourse Flow
  • Frederick Jelinek (USA): Language Modelling
  • Aravind Joshi (USA): Lexicalized Grammars
  • Lauri Karttunen (France): Finite-State Transducers in Natural Language Processing
  • Martin Kay (USA): Introduction to Syntactic Processing
  • Ferenc Kiefer (Hungary): Between Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Barbara Partee (USA) & Vladimir Borschev (Russia): Integrating Compositional and Lexical Semantics
  • Maths Rooth (Germany): Robust Statistical Parsing
  • Petr Sgall (Czech Rep.): Dependency-based Syntax and Topic-focus Articulation
  • Mark Steedman (UK): Grammar and Information

In addition there are lectures by Czech professors (in the schedule below these slots are marked by x).

Time Schedule

Week 1 (Monday March 20 – Friday March 24, 2000)

9:30-11:00 11:30-13:00 14:30-16:00 16:30-18:00
Monday Joshi Partee/Borschev Engdahl Calzolari
Tuesday Engdahl Partee/Borschev Joshi Calzolari
Wednesday Engdahl Sgall Joshi Calzolari
Thursday Jelinek Partee/Borschev Dressler Cermak
Friday Jelinek Partee/Borschev Dressler Sgall

Week 2 (Monday March 27 – Friday March 31, 2000)

9:30-11:00 11:30-13:00 14:30-16:00 16:30-18:00
Monday Rooth Kiefer Kay x
Tuesday Rooth Kiefer Abeillé Kay
Wednesday Rooth Kiefer Abeillé Kay
Thursday Steedman Karttunen Abeillé Duskova
Friday Steedman Karttunen Hajicova x

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