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Vilem Mathesius Lecture Series 13

November 9-20, 1998

Krystal hotel, Jose Marti Str., Prague 6

Scientific Programme

  • Emmon Bach (Canada): Problems of Universal and Parochial Grammar
  • Joan Bresnan (USA): Optimal Syntax
  • Nicoletta Calzolari (Italy): Corpus Based Lexicon Building
  • Bernard Comrie (Germany):
    1. Advances in our understanding of relative clauses.
    2. Form and function in reference-tracking systems.
    3. Agreement in Tsez (NE Caucasian): a typological assessment.
  • Edward L. Keenan (USA): The Logical Expressive Power of Natural Languages
  • Christian Lehmann (Germany): Typology of Possession
  • Hans-Heinrich Lieb: Words and Word Paradigms
  • Mitch Marcus (USA): tba
  • Karen Sparck-Jones (England): Information Retrieval and Language Processing
  • Hans Uszkoreit (Germany): Modelling of Linguistic Performance
  • Bonnie Webber (USA):
    1. Approaching Discourse through Lexicalized Grammar
    2. Natural Language Generation in Health Care
  • Frantisek Cermak (Czech Republic): Corpora and Linguistics and the Case of the Czech National Corpus
  • Libuse Duskova (Czech Republic): Josef Vachek on Written and Spoken Language
  • Jarmila Panevova (Czech Republic): Valency and Functional Generative Description
  • Petr Sgall (Czech Republic): Meaning and Underlying Structures

The Special Roman Jakobson Lecture is given by Professor Joan Bresnan, and is entitled Morphosyntactic Markedness Revisited. The lecture takes place at the Faculty of Philosophy, Room 104, namesti Jana Palacha, on Monday November the 9th, starting at 18:00 hours. The last VMC lecture on Monday will end earlier (17:30) to allow people to be in time for the Jakobson lecture.

In addition, there will be a workshop on Prosody and Meaning, organized jointly by the Vilem Mathesius Center and the ELSNET/MATE Consortium. The workshop will be held on Friday the 13th of November, and Saturday the 14th.

Time Schedule

Week 1 (November 9 – 13, 1998)

9:30-11:00 11:30-13:00 14:30-16:00 16:30-18:00
Monday 9.11 Bresnan Keenan Calzolari Calzolari
Tuesday 10.11 Calzolari Keenan Bach Bresnan
Wednesday 11.11 Bresnan Keenan Bach Sgall
Thursday 12.11 Duskova Bach Cermak Panevova
Friday 13.11 – Saturday 14.11: VMC/ELSNET/MATE Workshop on "Prosody and Meaning".
9:00-11:15 11:30-12:30 14:00-16:15 16:30-18:00
Friday 13.11 Firbas Bartels.1 Hajicova Dogil
Saturday 14.11 Van Kuppevelt Demo Bartels.2 Discussion

Week 2 (November 16 – 20, 1998)

9:30-11:00 11:30-13:00 14:30-16:00 16:30-18:00
Monday 16.11 Comrie Uszkoreit Marcus Sparck-Jones
Tuesday 17.11 Marcus Uszkoreit Comrie Sparck-Jones
Wednesday 18.11 Sparck-Jones Uszkoreit Lehmann Webber
Thursday 19.11 Webber Marcus Lehmann Comrie
Friday 20.11 Webber Lehmann Lieb Lieb

VMC/ELSNET/MATE Workshop on "Prosody and Meaning"

In connection with VMC 13, there will be a special workshop Prosody and Meaning (organized in cooperation with ELSNET and MATE consortium) on Friday November 13th and Saturday November 14, for which several prominent researchers in the domain of speech and language/speech have promised to participate. There is no special fee to be paid by the participants of VMC Lecture Series 13 for the participation at the workshop. There is a nominal fee of USD 60 for people wishing to participate in the workshop only. The fee covers accommodation (incl. breakfast) for three nights (in double rooms, shared occupancy, in the same hotel where the workshop takes place) and lunches for the 2 working days.

The scientific program of the workshop is as follows:

  • Christine Bartels (USA):
    • Introduction to ToBi Prosodic Notation
    • Towards a Decision-Theoretic Semantics of English Intonation
  • Grzegorz Dogil (Germany): Prosody and Discourse Structure
  • Jan Firbas (Czech Republic): The Role of Intonation in Functional Sentence Perspective
  • Eva Hajicova (Czech Republic): Questions on Sentence Prosody Linguists Have Always Wanted to Ask
  • Jan van Kuppevelt (Germany): About the Necessity of Combining Linguistic Focus and AI Focus Theories of Discourse Structure—A Proposal for Uniform Integration
  • Demonstration of Speech Synthesis/Analysis


9:00-11:15 11:30-12:30 14:00-16:15 16:30-18:00
Friday 13.11 Firbas Bartels.1 Hajicova Dogil
Saturday 14.11 Van Kuppevelt Demo Bartels.2 Discussion

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