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Vilem Mathesius Lecture Series 11

November 10 – 21, 1997

Krystal hotel, Jose Marti Str., Prague 6

  • Sue Atkins, Great Britain: Corpus based lexicography
  • Charles J. Fillmore, USA (Berkeley): Frame semantics and the lexicon
  • Barbara Grosz, USA (Boston): Issues of discourse analysis
  • Aravind Joshi, USA (Philadelphia): Lexicalized grammars: Linguistic, logical, computational and processing issues
  • Jacob Mey, Denmark (Odense): Pragmatic acts
  • Paolo Ramat (Italy): Linguistic categories and linguists' categorizations
  • John R. Ross (Canada): Poetics and the grammar of space
  • Helmut Schnelle (Germany): The structure of language and the topography of language areas in the brain
  • Arnim von Stechow (Germany): The formal semantics of tense, aspect and mood in subordinate constructions in German
  • Mark Steedman, USA (Philadelphia): The syntactic interface

Among the invited Czech teachers there are Frantisek Cermak, Miroslav Cervenka, Jan Hajic, Eva Hajicova, Jarmila Panevova, Jaroslav Peregrin, Petr Sgall.

  • Frantisek Cermak: On the Substance of Idioms
  • Jan Hajic: Linguistic Annotation of Text Corpora: Needs, Problems, Solutions
  • Eva Hajicova: TFA and Discourse Coherence
  • Jarmila Panovova: Valency and Functional Generative Description
  • Petr Sgall: Towards a General Framework for Linguistic Description

Time Schedule

First week (November 10 – 14, 1997):

9:30 - 11:00 11:30 - 13:00 14:30 - 16:00 16:30-18:00
Monday Fillmore Atkins Stechow  
Tuesday Fillmore Atkins Grosz Stechow
Wednesday Fillmore Atkins Grosz Stechow
Thursday Ramat Grosz Ramat Peregrin
Friday Ramat Hajicova Panevova Cermak

Second week (November 17 – 21, 1997):

9:30 - 11:00 11:30 - 13:00 14:30 - 16:00 16:30-18:00
Monday Sgall Joshi Steedman  
Tuesday Mey Joshi Steedman Ross
Wednesday Schnelle Joshi Steedman Cervenka
Thursday Schnelle Mey Hajic Ross
Friday Schnelle Mey Ross  

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