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TrEd is a fully customizable and programmable graphical editor and viewer for tree-like structures. Among other projects, it was used as the main annotation tool for syntactical and tectogrammatical annotations in The Prague Dependency Treebank, as well as for decision-tree based morphological annotation of The Prague Arabic Dependency Treebank.

TrEd runs on the following platforms (see installation instructions for details):



Current version: 1.4646 (release date St lis 2 12:29:36 CET 2011)


Please install ActivePerl >= 5.10 first! The following packages are not intended for use with Perl from CygWin or Strawberry Perl. For those Perl distributions, follow the Unix installation instructions (but we do not guarantee it will work).

tred_wininst_1.4646_noAP.exe (37M) - TrEd + Extensions + Modules

This self-extracting 7Zip archive contains TrEd, required Perl Modules, and standard TrEd Extensions. (Plain 7Zip here)

tred_wininst_1.4646_small.exe (22M) - TrEd + Modules

This smaller package does not include TrEd extensions. Extensions can be downloaded and installed separately from TrEd. (Plain 7Zip here)

Unix, Linux, Mac OS X

NOTE: Perl >= 5.8.2 and basic development tools, (such as make, patch, and a C compiler (gcc)) are required to build TrEd dependencies!

install_tred.bash (6KB)

This installation script automatically fetches and builds latest TrEd and its dependencies for you.

It downloads the packages below, uncompresses tred into a given folder and compiles and installs all dependencies either locally to TrEd's directory or to a given prefix. It also creates two wrapper scripts start_tred, start_btred, and start_ntred which configure library and module paths accordingly and start the corresponding tool. You may symlink these scripts to a folder in your PATH.

Read help:

  bash install_tred.bash --help | less

Install as user (everything under $HOME/tred)

  bash install_tred.bash --tred-dir ~/tred

Install as root to system paths:

  bash /install_tred.bash --tred-dir /opt/tred --system
tred-1.4646.tar.gz (11M)

This is the latest TrEd distribution package (including documentation). It runs on all supported platforms, but is mainly intended for Linux/Unix users. It requires Perl 5.8.3 or newer and some Perl modules provided in a dependency package below. After installing all dependencies, simply ungzip+untar this package and run tred/tred.

tred-dep-unix.tar.gz (37M)

This package bundles sources for Linux/Unix dependencies for TrEd (mostly Perl modules). The install script contained in the package automates compilation and installation of all these dependencies.


Click the following link for a list of TrEd Extension Packages currently available in the default extension repository

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