January 23-24


16th International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories
Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
January 23-24, 2018


Tuesday, 23rd January, room S9, Floor 1
8:45-9:15Registration (in front of room S9, Floor 1)
9:15-9:30Opening of the conference
Jan Hajič, Stephan Oepen
9:30-10:30Marie Candito: Annotating and parsing to semantic frames: feedback from the French FrameNet project (invited talk)
Session Chair: Stephan Oepen
10:30-11:00Coffee break
Session 1      Session chair: Eva Hajičová
11:00-11:25Daniël de Kok, Patricia Fischer, Corina Dima and Erhard Hinrichs. Distributional regularities of verbs and verbal adjectives: Treebank evidence and broader implications
11:25-11:50Francis M. Tyers, Maria Sheyanova and Jonathan Washington. UD Annotatrix: An annotation tool for Universal Dependencies
11:50-12:15Marco Passarotti and Berta Gonzalez Saavedra. The Treebanked Conspiracy. Actors and Actions in Bellum Catilinae
12:15-14:00Lunch break
Session 2Session chair: Marco Passarotti
14:00-14:25Maria Kunilovskaya and Andrey Kutuzov. Universal Dependencies-based syntactic features in detecting human translation varieties
14:25-14:45Poster booster talks (2 min. each)
14:45-15:15Poster and demo session (corridor in front of room S9)
Alberto Cetoli, Stefano Bragaglia, Andrew O'Harney and Marc Sloan. Graph Convolutional Networks for Named Entity Recognition
Jan Odijk, Martijn van der Klis and Sheean Spoel. Extensions to the GrETEL Treebank Query Application
Eduard Bejček, Eva Hajičová, Marie Mikulová and Jarmila Panevová. The Relation of Form and Function in Linguistic Theory and in a Multilayer Treebank
Francis M. Tyers, Maria Sheyanova and Jonathan Washington. UD Annotatrix: An annotation tool for Universal Dependencies
Agata Savary and Silvio Ricardo Cordeiro. Literal readings of multiword expressions: as scarce as hen’s teeth
Natalia Klyueva, Behrang Qasemizadeh and Anna Vernerova. Querying Multi-word Expressions Annotation with CQL
Olga Lyashevskaya and Irina Panteleeva. REALEC learner treebank: annotation principles and evaluation of automatic parsing
Marta Tío Sáenz and Darío Metola Rodriguez. A semiautomatic lemmatisation procedure for treebanks. Old English strong and weak verbs
15:15-15:45Coffee break and continuation of Poster and demo session
Session 3Session chair: Dan Zeman
15:45-16:10Ines Rehbein and Felix Bildhauer. Data point selection for genre-aware parsing
16:10-16:35Ekaterina Aplonova and Francis M. Tyers. Towards a dependency-annotated treebank for Bambara
16:35-17:15Future of TLT: discussion (all participants welcome) led by Jan Hajič and Stephan Oepen
18:30-21:00Social dinner: restaurant "Profesni dum," Malostranske nam. 25, 11800 Prague 1
Wednesday, 24th January, room S9, Floor 1
9:30-10:30Lilja Øvrelid: Downstream use of syntactic analysis: does representation matter? (invited talk)
Session Chair: Jan Hajič
10:30-11:00Coffee break
Session 4Session chair: Erhard Hinrichs
11:00-11:25Taraka Rama and Sowmya Vajjala. A Dependency Treebank for Telugu
11:25-11:50Petya Osenova and Kiril Simov. Recent Developments within BulTreeBank
11:50-12:15Rudolf Rosa and Zdeněk Žabokrtský. Error Analysis of Cross-lingual Tagging and Parsing
12:15-14:00Lunch break
Session 5Session chair: Francis M. Tyers
14:00-14:25Petra Steiner. Merging the Trees - Building a Morphological Treebank for German from Two Resources
14:25-14:50Anders Søgaard. What I think when I think about treebanks
14:50-15:15Catalina Maranduc, Catalin Mititelu and Victoria Bobicev. Syntactic Semantic Correspondence in Dependency Grammar
15:15-15:45Coffee break
Session 6Session chair: Ines Rehbein
15:45-16:10Sylvain Kahane, Marine Courtin and Kim Gerdes. Multi-word annotation in syntactic treebanks – Propositions for Universal Dependencies
16:10-16:35Vinit Ravishankar. A Universal Dependencies Treebank for Marathi
16:35-17:00Chiara Alzetta, Felice Dell'Orletta, Simonetta Montemagni and Giulia Venturi. Dangerous Relations in Dependency Treebanks
17:00-17:15Closing. Jan Hajič