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Jan Hajič, Petr Pajas, Pavel Ircing, Jan Romportl, Nino Peterek, Miroslav Spousta, Marie Mikulová, Martin Grůber, Milan Legát


We owe the initial idea to Frederick Jelinek, a pioneer in the field of automatic speech recognition and natural language processing, a beloved teacher and on the whole a dazzling personality. He and his graduate student, Erin Fitzgerald, started their work at the spontaneous speech reconstruction with us here in Prague (see Related Work). Fred has unfortunately not lived to see the release of this corpus, but we hope that he would have had fun using it.

We would like to thank all the people who made recordings and the manual transcriptions and created the speech-reconstruction layer:

We are also grateful to many other people from the former Malach project team who contributed first part of the data.

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