19.2. Text in brackets and within dashes

Text in brackets and within dashes is not marked in any special way.

Brackets. Brackets are interpreted (with the exception of the case shown below) as marking parenthesis. Text within brackets is annotated according to the rules shown in Section 7, "Parenthesis".

Exception: Only in the case where the full form represented by an abbreviation is given before the abbreviation in brackets (and vice versa), the text within brackets is treated as a paratactically connected constituent (in apposition) and it is not represented as in parenthesis.

Examples: ČD (České dráhy) (=CR (Czech Railways)) nebo České dráhy (ČD) (=Czech Railways (CR)) .

Dashes. The functions of dashes delimiting a text can vary. In a number of cases text between dashes is treated as in parenthesis (for the rules, see Section 7, "Parenthesis"); in other cases dashes are treated as co-ordinating connectives (see Section 16, "Co-ordinating connectives and operators").