15. Abbreviations

!!! Rules for the annotation of abbreviations have yet to be formed. In the current version PDT 2.0 abbreviations are not consistently annotated, particularly in respect of the form of the t-lemma (full and abbreviated) and the number of nodes and their structure.

For annotation of abbreviations only the following limited rules have been adopted:

The individual components of certain abbreviations (s.r.o. (=ltd.); a.s. (=joint stock co.); hl.m. (=capital city); pozn. red. (=editor's note)) are represented by separate nodes and are structurally analysed; for example the abbreviation s.r.o. (=ltd.) is represented by three nodes. One node represents abbreviations such as USA (=USA); ODS (=ODS (name of a political party)); čtk (=CTK (Czech Press Agency)), atd. (=etc.); apod. (=etc.).

The t-lemma adopts the full or the abbreviated form. The t-lemma has been amalgamated in only three cases:

For more on the representative t-lemma see Chapter 4, Tectogrammatical lemma (t-lemma).