7.5. RHEM

Definition of the RHEM functor

The RHEM functor (rhematizer) is a functor for such an atomic node that represents a rhematizer.

For the definition of rhematizers see Section 6, "Rhematizers".

Forms. The basic forms of rhematizers are:

The formal expression of rhematizers is described in detail in Section 6, "Rhematizers", the annotation rules for rhematizers see ib.

Figure 7.46. The RHEM functor

The RHEM functor

Jen on o tom nevěděl nic. (=lit. Only he about it did_not_know nothing.)

7.5.1. Borderline cases with the RHEM functor

Borders with the functors MOD, ATT, CM and functors for adverbial modifications. Words that can be rhematizers are often homonymous particularly with modal expressions and certain adverbials. For these borderline cases see also Section 6.1, "Expressions with the function of a rhematizer".