1.2. DENOM

Definition of the DENOM functor

The functor DENOM (denomination) is a functor for the effective root of an independent nominative clause, which is not a parenthesis.

The DENOM functor is assigned to the node representing the governing noun (in the nominative case) of an independent nominative clause, if it is not a parenthesis. Independent nominative clauses are defined in Section 4.2, "Non-verbal clauses". The same section also describes the possible forms of the governing noun, which is represented by a node with the DENOM functor.


Názory.DENOM čtenářů. (=lit. Opinions of_readers.) Fig. 7.2

For more examples see Section 4.2, "Non-verbal clauses".

Figure 7.2. The DENOM functor

The DENOM functor

Názory čtenářů. (=lit. Opinions of_readers.)