Addresses and names of persons and institutions


All rules in this section hold primarily for Czech addresses and names. With elements taken over from foreign languages the rules presented in Foreign words in the text should also (and preferentially) be taken into account.

Representation of addresses

If the address is written in a syntactically correct way, it is analyzed according to the general rules, i.e. its parts are suspended side by side with the function Adv.

With names of persons, the main part is the family name, the given name as well as all the titles being suspended on it, assigned afun Atr.

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    číšník   Karel   Č.   bydlí   ve   3.   patře   v   Kubelíkově   ulici   na   Žižkově  
    waiter   Karel   Č.   lives   on   3rd   floor   in   Kubelík   street   on   Žižkov  

If the address does not constitute a syntactic part of the sentence, the following rules obtain:

  1. The name of the addressee (person or institution) is suspended as the highest node.

  2. The address and the telephone number are suspended on the name as its daughters.

  3. The governing node of the whole address is the governing node of that part of the address that has the highest priority in the following list:

    state - country - privince - region - district - city - quarter (of the city) - street (square, place) - building (hotel, institution, ...) - floor - P.O. Box - section.

    Other parts are suspended on the governor and are assigned afun Atr.

  4. The inner structure of the individual parts of the address (name, the governing part and the rest) are analyzed in the usual way (e.g. České Czech as the attribute of republika Republic, Králové is the attribute of Hradec, 13 the attribute of Bořivojova ulice (B. street).

  5. The zip code (PSČ in Czech) is analyzed as an Atr to that part of the address to which it belongs; in Czech, this is always the town.

  6. A punctuation mark such as comma is always suspended on the main node of that part that precedes it, only the brackets are suspended according to the general rules (on the part that is bracketted).

  7. Complex numerical expressions (in a zip code or in a telephone number) are suspended one under the other from the left to the right.


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    kontakt:   firma   Vyšinka,   Kubelíkova   9,   13000   Praha   3,   tel   6231012  
    contact:   firm   Vyšinka,   Kubelíkova-street   9,   13000   Praha   3,   tel   6231012  
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    Vřed, tel./fax: (069) 23 13 98, l. 260
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    jednali   jsme   s   a.s.   Filutou   a   firmou   Vyšinka  
    we-negotiated   Aux   with   a.s.   Filuta-Instr   and   firm-Instr   Vyšinka-Nom  
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    Filuta s. s r. o.
  5. image

    Filuta s. r. o.
  6. image

    Filuta a. s.
  7. image

    Filuta v. o. s.

From the above illustrations it follows that an abbreviation may also act as the governor, if the name is not in the corresponding morphemic case; this is done in order to meet the conditions of grammatical agreement or government (e.g. of a preposition). However, such an instance is never classified as an apposition.

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    s   a.   s.   Filuta  
    with   a.   s.   Filuta-Nom  
  2. image

    s   a.   s.   Filutou  
    with   a.   s.   Filuta-Instr