The Prague Dependency Treebank 1.0 CD-ROM contents

This on-line version of the CD contains software and documentation but not the data itself. Check the main page for alternatives.

 Licence Agreement
All users of the data and/or tools are required to express their acceptance of the licencing conditions and to register. If you ordered the PDT CD-ROM through the LDC on-line order form (see the main page), you have registered at the time of ordering and you do not need to re-register. However if you (a) received PDT 1.0 not through LDC, (b) downloaded PDT tools, or (c) you wish to download them, or (d) to use Netgraph, you have to register.

 PDT 1.0
 Raw Texts
 Czech-English Corpora

 Morphology and Tagging
 Tree Editors
 On-line Internet Tree Viewer
 Directory Structure, Data sizes, Sitemap