Instructions for annotators

Jan Hajič, Jarmila Panevová, Eva Buráňová, Zdeňka Urešová, Alla Bémová

In cooperation with Jiří Kárník, Jan Štěpánek, Petr Pajas


Project MŠMT VS96151, grants GAČR 405/96/0198 and 405/96/K214.


Edited by: Eva Hajičová, Petr Sgall

English translation: Zdeněk Kirschner

Conversion to DocBook XML: Jiří Havelka, Petr Pajas, Jan Štěpánek

Table of Contents

1. Environments
Organizational incorporation and financing
Structures in the framework of the project
Morphological level
Analytical level
Tectogrammatical level
2. Principles of Annotation
Formal structure
Attributes of a node
Relation to the morphological level
3. Rules of annotation
List of analytical functions
A simple sentence (clause) containing a verb; parts of sentence in a dependency relation
Predicate Pred, Pnom, AuxV
Subject Sb
Attribute Atr, AtrAdv, AdvAtr, AtrAtr, AtrObj, ObjAtr
Object Obj, ObjAtr, AtrObj
Adverbials (and borderline cases)
Complement (verbal attribute) Atv, AtvV
Auxiliary sentence members AuxC, AuxP, AuxZ, AuxO, AuxT, AuxR and AuxY
Graphic symbols (punctuation); the root of the tree AuxS, AuxK, AuxX, AuxG
Ellipses — one-member sentences without a verb
Ellipsis ExD, ExD_Co
One-member sentences without a verb ExD, ExD_Co
Relations between sentences and sentence parts (other than dependency)
Coordination (sentential, of sentence parts) Coord, <afun> _Co
Apposition Apos, <afun>_Ap
General rules
A 'frozen' parenthesis AuxY_Pa
An independent sentential form (containing a predicate) Pred_Pa
A syntactically incorporated sentence part with <afun>_Pa
A syntactially non-incorporated sentence part or sentential form; ellipsis; an independent sentence part; vocative; interjection Exd_Pa
Complex phenomena
Direct speech
Addresses and names of persons and institutions
Expression with numerals, figures in different functions
Referring words
The boundary line between free and 'bound' dative
Collocations, phraseologisms (phrasemes)
Reflexive se, si
Phrases of comparison with conjunctions jako (as), než (than)
Foreign words in the text
Bibliographical references
Composed Czech proper names
Freely adjoined sentence parts
4. Additions
List of secondary prepositions