MT Marathon 2013 Announcements

The following announcements were sent by e-mail to all registered participants, in case you missed some.

Sep 18, 2013: Final Questionnaire

Dear MT Marathon participants,

it was a great pleasure to host you in Prague. I hope you enjoyed the
Marathon as much as I did. You were fabulous.

Now, the work is not yet quite finished! Everybody, please spend a few
minutes by filling out our feedback form:

Your responses will let us continuously improve MT Marathons.

See you in Trento next year!

Best regards,
  Ondrej Bojar
  on behalf of all MTM13 organizers.

P.S.: Most of you are probably willing to work on your projects even
after the Marathon. For this purpose, the wiki and SVN will remain open
indefinitely and you are most welcome to mention any progress or provide
links to where you are developing the project from now on. (Your Unix
accounts will be deleted at the end of September.) Contact me if you
need any assistance.

Aug 14, 2013: Programme, Pastime, Practical

Dear MT Marathon participants,

in less than four weeks, we will meet in Prague. On the updated MT
Marathon web page:

you will find the almost final programme and the growing list of
projects to choose from. We also suggest a couple of spare-time
activities in Prague, for some of which it may be good to book tickets
in advance or to bring some equipment.

A checklist of useful things to bring or arrange before coming to

* consider registering to TAUS Round Table (see Wed in the Programme),
* activate your Eduroam account (, if you can,
  (The wifi will be also open, but Eduroam will make connecting easier.)
* bring an Ethernet cable.
  (These may be good for your accommodation, or if the wifi were too

Those interested in Apertium (Friday 16.30), please e-mail Francis Tyers
( indicating, which language
pairs would you like to work with.

There is no need to pre-register for the projects you would like to
join, but it is perhaps worth reading the current descriptions in
advance. The following projects have been proposed so far:

- Common Crawl (for various uses)
- Common Phrase Table and API
- Commonspector (automated search for the best configuration)
- Discriminative Word Aligner
- Improving Source Code Quality
- Minimalistic Decoder
- Morphology for Moses
- QuEst (quality estimation)
- Something with Lattices
- Static Language Model Interpolation
- Virtual Kitchen for Amazon EC2

If you know of someone who may want to join, the main Marathon
registration will remain open until the end of August and we accept
registrations on site, as long as there are any free places.

Looking forward to seeing you in Prague,
  Ondrej Bojar
  on behalf of MT Marathon organizers.