Call for papers

The authors of the papers are invited to bring in novel, maybe even controversial ideas rather than to repeat old practice. They should choose one thing/topic/issue/method and organize the submission around answering such questions as:

  1. Is the THING novel, never presented before? If not, why is the presenter repeating something old?
  2. Is the THING being used in a computational system of any kind? Is such use planned or possible in principle? If not, why not?
  3. What are the benefits of the THING (this is relevant even for THINGs that are well-known)?
  4. What are the limitations of the THING (typically people don’t write about this)?
  5. Why do the benefits outweigh the limitations?
  6. What are the competing approaches to the THING? What is the advantage of the approach proposed?
  7. What are the next steps in making the THING useful?
  8. If the THING is not being developed by anybody in the field at this time, why you think it is the case?
  9. If people aren't interested in the THING, why not? Is it so fringe that it's actually not very interesting?
  10. Why is the THING relevant? To whom? When? In what way absence of work on THING hampers progress of our field?
  11. What new information about language functioning do we acquire by means of the THING?

For preparing and submitting the paper, please follow submission instructions.

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