A Tool for Checking Your ArabTeX Documents

ArabSpell Version 1.00

During our work on some processing software for the Arabic-Czech and Czech-Arabic Dictionary being compiled by Opus arabicum, an idea of creating a simple interface between a common ArabTeX source file and our generalized spelling algorithms descended from heavens.

We are very pleased to put the newborn version of ArabSpell at your disposal. The principal aims of the program are following:

To learn more details, read the User's Guide. If you have any query, suggestion of improvement or if you find a bug (there may be a nice collection of them), don't be shy to send an e-mail to Thank you for your interest.

All components of ArabSpell are copyrighted, but free use for noncommercial purposes is granted. There is no warranty of any kind and the entire risk rests with the user.

I agree with these terms and want to download the up-to-date version of ArabSpell.

You may test your new installation of ArabSpell on some remarkable documents in Arabic. They were typeset by ArabTeX and you are allowed to use them freely for experimental and educational purposes.

If you can speak (or at least read) Czech,
pak můžete buď přelézt na stránku Lugatí `l-'arabíjatu,
nebo navštívit Otíkovo hnízdečko.

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