4.2. Isolated letters

Most isolated letters (e.g. A-konto) are handled as abbreviations. Only if they do not form part of a name they are lemmatized as _^(označení_pomocí_písmene): zápas skupiny B.

The following is a prototype of lemmas, their numbers and AddInfos for an isolated letter. There should be such lemmas for all letters of the Czech alphabet. Note that numbering a lemma by zero is not used anywhere else and might be deprecated in future. Anyway, no program should ever rely that the numbers will be as indicated. Lemma numbers serve to distinguish between homonymous lemmas but they are not meant to bear any semantic information.

Table 4.3. Examples of isolated letters


Annotation of the letter


a-3_^(označení_pomocí_písmene) / NNXXX-----A---- (Note: Adjective would be more appropriate in this particular case but noun is plausible as well and no lemma is allowed occur with more than one part of speech.)

§ 27 odst. 1 písm. d

d-3_^(označení_pomocí_písmene) / NNXXX-----A----

16 A

A-1`ampér_:B / NNIXX-----A---8


A-6_:B_;R / NNXXX-----A---8

ABC, a.s.

akciový_:B / AAXXX----1A---8

na s. 128

strana-4_:B_^(v_knize,_rukopise...) / NNFXX-----A---8