Chapter 4. Abbreviations

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4.1. Gender
4.2. Isolated letters
4.3. Units of measurements
4.4. Authors' signatures
4.5. Academic titles

Abbreviations of a single word should use the lemma of the word, augmented with the _:B flag. This is the only acceptable situation in which two lemmas share LemmaProper, are not distinguished by numbers, but differ in their AddInfo. For instance, the three letters (separate tokens) in s.r.o. are lemmatized as společnost_:B (company), ručení_:B (liability), omezený_:B_^(*3it) (limited).

Abbreviations consisting of a single capital letter represent names. Lots of names can be represented by a letter, and we often do not know the name. In such cases, the abbreviation uses itself as a lemma (augmented with the appropriate flags). For instance, in G. Bush it would be G_:B_;Y (despite the fact that in this particular case we know that most probably the G stands for George).

Acronyms and abbreviations of multi-word expressions use themselves as lemmas (again, flagged _:B). If possible, the comment should explain the abbreviation. For instance, FIDE would be FIDE_:B_;K_;w_,t_^(Fédération_Internationale_des_Échecs).

Morphological tags of abbreviations should always end in 8.

Table 4.1. Examples of abbreviations


Full expression




například_:B / Db------------8


post scriptum

post-2_:B_,t_^(lat._po,_např._P.S.) / RR--X---------8 // scriptum_:B_,t_^(lat.,_např._P.S.) / NNNXX-----A---8


nad Labem

nad-1_:B / RR--7---------8 // Labe_:B_;G / NNNS7-----A---8

r. 1998

rok/roku/roce 1998

rok_:B / NNIXX-----A---8



režie_:B / NNFXX-----A---8



režie_:B / NNFXX-----A---8 Note: This and the previous example violate the rule that each lemma/tag pair leads to no more than one word form. Numbering the lemmas is not appropriate in this case but no suitable solution has been devised so far.