2.1.5. Style

Lemmas can be stylistically classified. The style flag is indicated by "_," followed by a letter. Standard lemmas have no stylistic flag but any lemma intended for special usage (bookish, colloquial language etc.) should be marked as such. It is necessary to distinguish between the style of the lemma and the style of the word form! For instance, acht is an archaic word meaning "anathema"; its less archaic counterpart would be klatba. Its lemma should bear the archaic flag: acht_,a. On the other hand, lvové is just an archaic form of a non-archaic lemma lev (lion). In this case the archaicity should only be marked in the morphological tag describing the form (the tag would end in 3; see below for tag descriptions).

Table 2.4. Style flags

Style Explanation
t foreign word - see Chapter 6, Foreign words and phrases
n dialect
a archaic
s bookish
h colloquial
e expressive
l slang, argot
v vulgar
x outdated spelling or misspelling