2.1.4. Term

Lemmas of terms have categories of their own. The term type is indicated by "_;" followed by a letter. More than one term type may apply to one lemma. Two groups of term types can be distinguished: the named entities and the scientific/professional terms. The former are mandatory, proper names must be categorized. The latter are optional, it is up to the lexicon administrator whether they decide that a term is so specialized that its branch shall be indicated.

Table 2.3. Term types

Type Explanation, examples
Y given name (formerly used as default): Petr, John
S surname, family name: Dvořák, Zelený, Agassi, Bush
E member of a particular nation, inhabitant of a particular territory: Čech, Kolumbijec, Newyorčan
G geographical name: Praha, Tatry (the mountains)
K company, organization, institution: Tatra (the company)
R product: Tatra (the car)
m other proper name: names of mines, stadiums, guerilla bases, etc.
H chemistry
U medicine
L natural sciences
j justice
g technology in general
c computers and electronics
y hobby, leisure, travelling
b economy, finances
u culture, education, arts, other sciences
w sports
p politics, governement, military
z ecology, environment
o color indication