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Instructors: Jirka Hana (Charles University in Prague)
Anna Feldman (Montclair State University)
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Description of the course

The course will introduce the students to the methods of processing morphology of natural languages. It starts with a linguistic overview of morphology, discussing features of a wide variety of languages including fusional languages such as German and Czech and agglutinative such as Turkish and Esperanto. After that, a discussion of corpora, tagsets and annotation will follow. The core of the course covers supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised methods of morphological analysis, morpheme segmentation, lexicon creation, etc. The course covers standard and well establishedmethods (two level morphology, Porter stemmer), but also includes discussion of recent important papers, for example, Yarowsky & Wicentowski 2000, Creutz and Lagus 2007, Monson 2009, and Tepper & Xia 2010.


Old Czech MA

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