PML_mak documentation

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PML.mak - Miscelaneous macros of general use in Prague Dependency Treebank (PDT) 2.0


  #include <contrib/pml/PML.mak>


The following macros (functions) are provided by this package:


Return name of the root element of a PML instance as specified in the PML schema associated with the current file. PDT uses root element named adata for analytical layer annotation and tdata for tectogrammatical layer annotation.


Return the content of the element description of the PML schema associated with the current file.


For a Treex::PML::Node object returns PML schema associated with that object. If the object is a Treex::PML::Document, return PML schema associated with the given file. If no object is given, the current Treex::PML::Document is used.

The PML schema is returned in form of a Treex::PML::Schema object.


Looks up a node from the current file (or given fsfile) by its ID (or PMLREF - i.e. the ID preceded by a file prefix of the form xy#).


Deletes a given ID from a node HASH of the current or specified Treex::PML::Document The node previously hashed under the given ID is returned.


Adds a node to the node hash (of the given or current Treex::PML::Document) using given ID as the hash key.


Searches for node with given id. Returns the node and the number of the tree.


Return a reference to a hash indexing nodes in a given file (or the current file if no argument is given). If such a hash was not yet created, it is built upon the first call to this function (or other functions calling it, such as GetNodeByID. Use clearNodeHash to clear the hash.


Clear the internal hash indexing nodes of a given file (or the current file if called without an argument).


Ask user for sentence or node identificator (tree number or id) and go to the sentence.


DEPRECATED, use non_proj_edges from <contrib/support/non_projectivity.mak> instead.