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Student Ambassador Rudolf Rosa is here for all ÚFAL Master or Doctoral students and applicants. You can turn to me with any study-related questions (even those that you wouldn't dare to ask your teachers). I will try to answer anything I can as soon as possible, or direct you to other people if appropriate.

Especially regarding the doctoral studies, not much can be found online; therefore, I will be happy to answer any questions, describe what it's really like to be a PhD student at ÚFAL, help you with chosing your advisor and topic, sketch the options for internships at other universities or companies, tell you about the possibilities of getting scholarships (including GAUK grants) or part-time research jobs, and of course I will be happy to detail why it is great to study at ÚFAL (in my opinion).

About me and my expertise

I studied at the faculty ni 2007-2018, doing both Masters and Doctoral studies at ÚFAL. I attended most of ÚFAL courses, I know nearly all of the teachers and most of current or recently graduated doctorands. I have general orientation in the organisation of Master and Doctoral studies. I have several years worth of paid work experience with research grant projects, I got a GAUK grant myself for my dissertation research, and I have also participated in several projects to promote the faculty. However, I will do my best to try to help you with other matters, of course.


A great page with information about the GAUK grants (unfortunately in Czech only) is currated by Martin Böhm: see


I can be best contacted vie e-mail ( -- I will happily answer all your questions per e-mail, but we can also meet in person if you like.

If you want to tell me something but do not want to reveal your identity, you can send me an anonymous message.