Patterns for trouble

Pattern / Implicature
1 [Anything = Problem] trouble [Human|Human Group]
Thinking of/occurrence of [[Anything = Problem]] causes distress or anxiety to [[Human|Human Group]]
2 [[Eventuality = Bad]^[Human|Human Group = Bad]] trouble [[Location]^[Time Period]]
[[Eventuality|Human|Human Group = Bad]] causes problems for [[Location | Time Period]]
3 [Abstract] trouble [Concept|Emotion|Attitude = people having these concepts, emotions, attitudes, plans]
[[Abstract]] is inconsistent with [[Concept|Emotion|Attitude|Plan=people having these concepts, emotions, attitudes, plans]].
It is perceived as bad.
4 [Human] trouble (Self) [{about|over|with|as to} Anything | WH-CL = problem]
[[Human]] does not consider or take notice of [[Anything]]
5 [Human] trouble NEG [TO+INF]
[[Human]] makes the effort needed {to/INF [V]}
[Human] does not enjoy doing it.
6 [Human 1] trouble [Human 2] [[{for} Entity|Action|Activity]^[TO+INF]]
[[Human 1]] asks [[Human 2]] politely {for [[Entity|Action|Activity]]}
7 troubled * ({with|about|over|at} Anything)
worried, distressed or anxious (mostly humans and animals)
8 troubled *
full of trouble, troublesome, accompanied and affected by many problems (about events, time periods)
9 troubled *
rippling, not calm, not peaceful ( about water surface)
10 troubled * [{financially|economically}]
having financial problems
11 [Anything] trouble [Liquid | {water}]
[Anything] ripples [Liquid]{water}
12 [no object] troubling *
causing trouble, distressing
14 [Human 1|Human Group 1] trouble [Human 2|Human Group 2|Institution] [{with} Anything = problem]
[Human 1|Human Group 1]| {I} asks [Human 2|Human Group 2|Institution] to pay Attention to / react on [Anything]