Patterns for steer

Pattern / Implicature
1 [[Human]^[Device]] steer [[Road Vehicle]^[Water Vehicle]^[Animal]^[Horse]] AdvDirection
[[Human | Device]] controls the movement of [[Road Vehicle | Water Vehicle|Animal|Horse]] so that it moves in a chosen [[Direction]]
2 [no object] [Human] steer AdvDirection({to|...} Location|Building|Entity)
[[Human]] navigates an unspecified [Vehicle] to a [[Direction]]
3 [Human 1] steer [Human 2] AdvDirection
[[Human 1]] guides [[Human 2]] to move in a chosen [[Direction]]
4 idiom  [idiom] [[Human]^[Institution]] steer [{clear}] [{of|from} Anything = Bad]
[[Human | Institution ]] tries to avoid [[Anything = Bad]]}
5 idiom  [no object] [idiom] [[Human]^[Institution]] steer [{away}] [{from} Anything = Bad]
[[Human | Institution]] tries to avoid [[Anything = Bad]]
6 idiom  [idiom] [[Human]^[Institution]] steer (middle {course|path|passage|way}) ({between} Eventuality|Concept = PLURAL = Problems = Extremes)
[[Human | Institution]] directs or implements a sequence of activities or actions between two or more [[Eventuality = PLURAL = Problems = Extremes]] intended to avoid problems and achieve a satisfactory outcome
7 [[Human 1]^[Institution 1]] steer [[Human 2]^[Institution 2]^[Activity]] [[{towards|into|in|to|on|onto} Anything|Location|Entity = new state]^[{through} Anything = adverse circumstances, difficult issues]^[{forward}]]
[[Human 1 | Institution 1]] directs [[Activity]] of [[Human 2 | Institution 2]] to reach [Anything=a new state (good or bad)]
8 [Anything] steer [{toward|towards|for|...} Eventuality]
[Anything] tends to/is heading for [Eventuality]
9 [no adverbial] [Animal|Insect] steer
[Animal|Insect] orients itself
10 [Human 1|Human Group 1|Institution 1] steer [Human 2| Human Group 2 | Institution 2|Activity] [[{away from} Anything = bad]^[{round} Anything = bad]]
[Human 1|Human Group 1|Institution 1] makes [Human 2|Human Group 2| Institution 2] avoid [Anything = Bad]
11 [no adverbial] [Human 1|Human Group 2|Institution 1] steer [Human 2|Human Group 2| Institution 2|Activity]
[Human 1|Human Group 2|Institution 1] manages and controls [Human 2|Human Group 2| Institution 2|Activity]
12 [Concept|Emotion|Attitude] steer [Anything]
[Concept|Emotion|Attitude] have a substantial influence on [Anything]
13 [Vehicle|Human] steer [{course}]
[Vehicle|Human] navigates according to a given course
14 [Human 1|Human Group 1| Institution 1] steer [Document|Rule|Plan | {law|bill|proposal|programme|measure|...}] [[{through} Institution 2]^[{through}]] ({to} {conclusion})
[Human 1|Human Group 1| Institution 1] makes sure that [Document|Rule|Plan]|{law|bill|proposal|programme|measure|...} is approved by [Institution 2]
15 [Force | {magnet|magnetotail|...}] steer [Stuff|Wavelength | {particle|flow|...}]
[Force] moves [Stuff|Wavelength]
16 [no object] [Human 1|Vehicle 1|Water Vehicle 1] steer [{clear}] [{of} Water Vehicle 2|Area]
[Human 1|Vehicle 1|Water Vehicle 1] avoids moving too tightly around [Water Vehicle 2|Area]
17 [Human|Institution] steer (careful|delicate|steady|... {course})
[Human|Institution] keeps a {ADJ} consistent strategy
18 [Human|Device] steer [Artifact | {missile|projectile|torpedo|ball|...}] AdvDirection[{} ]
[Human|Device] aims and sends [Artifact] to [Entity=target]
19 [Human|Human Group|Institution] steer [Asset|Money|Resource|Service | {development|production|loan|investment|concession|...}] AdvDirection[{to} Location|Area]
[Human|Human Group|Institution] relocate [Asset|Money|Resource|Service]|{development|Production|loan|investment|concession|...} to a different [Location|Area]
20 steering *
controlling the movements of a vehicle or body
21 steering *
having executive power
22 see comment steer *
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