Chapter 8. Installation

In order to make the life of PDT users easier, we provide them with Linux and Windows installers, which can be used for installation from the CD-ROM distribution. However, it should be noted that most PDT 2.0 components can be used directly from the CD-ROM or from its copy, or (some of them) can be installed separately by their own installers.

Installation on Linux.  Launch the installer by executing the command ./ or perl in the root directory of the CD-ROM distribution. It will ask you to select the PDT components you wish to install, and to specify the target directory on your system. The components will be copied (and unpacked in some cases). Finally, you will be informed how to accomplish the installation of the tree editor TrEd.

Installation on Microsoft Windows.  Launch the installer, e.g. by double-clicking the Install-Windows icon in the root directory of the CD-ROM distribution. At the very beginning, the installer checks whether Active State Perl is available on your system (Perl is necessary for functioning of the tree editor TrEd); if not, it informs you where you can download and install it from. Then the installer copies the selected components of the PDT 2.0 into the selected directory on your system (note that the Windows installer does not offer the installation of the chain of tools for automatic machine annotation, since they are based on Linux binaries). Finally, the separate Windows installer of the tree editor TrEd is executed.

The provided Linux and Microsoft Windows installers do not include the installation of Netgraph. If you want to install Netgraph, please consult the following documents: