6.10. RESTR

Definition of the RESTR functor

RESTR (restriction) is a functor for such an adjunct that expresses manner by specifying an exception/restriction.

Modifications with the functor RESTR refer to:

The two types are distinguished in the annotation. The way in which the constructions with the meaning of restriction and exceptional conjoining are represented is described in Section 6, "Constructions signifying "restriction" and "exceptional conjoining"".

Forms. The basic forms of RESTR modifications are:

Figure 7.41. The RESTR functor

The RESTR functor

Spořitelna požaduje mimo vyplněné žádosti také potvrzení o příjmu. (=lit. Spořitelna (=bank) requires apart_from filled_in application_forms also confirmation on income)

6.10.1. Borderline cases with the RESTR functor

Border with the CPR functor. Constructions with the meaning of restriction (RESTR) border in some cases with comparative constructions (CPR; see Section 6.2, "CPR"). See also Section 6.1.2, "Constructions signifying "restriction" attached by connectives".