Netgraph on-line tree searcher & viewer

Netgraph applet is a Java applet that can be run inside of your browser provided the browser has a Java plugin installed. (Note that Java is not the same as Java Script.) If you do not see the Netgraph application window below this text, you probably need to download and install the Java Runtime Environment.

If you see it for the first time, you may not know how to get started. By default Netgraph applet connects automatically as an anonymous user to a machine serving the trees from the Prague Dependency Treebank; all available trees are selected for searching. You start in the Query tab. Now you can create queries and view the resulting trees. At first, just try to click on button select all trees. You will be sent to the Trees tab, where you will see the first tree. Click on button next tree for displaying other results. On the left side of the tab, select attributes you want to see at each node of the trees. For the rest of the story, please use the Help button in the applet menu.

Please note that anonymous users have limited access to the PDT data. They can search the whole treebank but they will only get the first 100 results and they will not be able to save the results to their local disk. There is also a standalone Netgraph application (as opposed to the applet version) which allows registered users to connect non-anonymously with less or even no restriction. For details please check the Netgraph homepage.