Tree Editor TrEd 

Author: Petr Pajas, 2001


TrEd is a graphical editor and viewer of tree structures. Internally TrEd works with so called FS-format developed by M. Kren (the same file format is used also in editor Graph).

If configured properly, TrEd may also open and save files in different formats, provided that a tool for conversion to/from FS-format is given. Moreover, if nsgmls SGML parser is installed on the system, CSTS SGML files may be opened in TrEd directly.

TrEd may be extended by user-defined macros written in Perl. There are many pre-defined functions for treating of tree structures at macro-programmer's disposal. Macros may invoked by user-defined keyboard shortcuts or using menu items.

There is also a non-graphical (off-line) variant of TrEd called btred - "Batch-mode Tree Editor" - which allows user to run macros on trees without having to enter the graphical interface and a command-line tool based on the TrEd's libraries with facilities for automated printing trees or exporting them to other graphical formats.

Supported platforms

TrEd runs on the following platforms:

For more information, see documentation on TrEd here


Please, read the installation instructions for details.

The package above contains installation directory for TrEd. To install TrEd, make sure you have installed Perl5 and Perl/Tk library for your particular platform (see bellow). If so, you may install TrEd by simply extracting the content of the above package to any directory on your hard-disk or network-drive. (Under Microsoft Windows, you may use for example winzip to extract tar.gz packages).

You also need Perl and PerlTk library to run TrEd:
PerlTk library
ActivePerl 5.22 for Windows
Original Installation program (EXE) by ActiveState.