Libuška Kaprálová



Project Manager for:

  • OP LINDAT/CLARIN - Research infrastructure for language technologies - extension of the repository and its computational power
  • Ověření proveditelnosti a komerčního potenciálu výsledků výzkumu Univerzity Karlovy
  • Turning Text into Gold - Comprehensive enterprise knowledge management with emphasis on the high level of elimination of the associated risks at work with the protection of intellectual property in R & D and innovation.
  • NEUREM3 - Neuronové reprezentace v multimodálním a mnohojazyčném modelování (Neural Representations in Multi-modal and Multi-lingual Modelling)
  • LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ - Extension of the repository, services and computing cluster of the Research Infrastructure

Her interests include ethic in the research - procedures for the processing of personal data of controllers or processors of personal data from a legal and ethical point of view in science and research.

  • She  is currently working in this area for project ELITR European Live Translator, H2020 and she is collaborating on the preparation of Horizon Europe projects.


  • Evaluator - projects proposals for Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, fields, e.g.: sociology, demographics, education
  • Evaluator the European Language Grid (ELG) H2020
  • Členka "Pracovní skupiny pro debyrokratizaci vědy a výzkumu"
  • Členka rektorátní pracovní skupiny "Research Data Management"