Karolína Hořeňovská

Main Research Interests

My main interest is text simplification, especially:

  • Lexical simplification
  • Explanation generation
  • Readability and understandability, particularly measuring understandability
  • Adapting text for specific target groups (hearing-impaired, mentally disabled, dyslexic, autistic)

I am also interested in language acquisition, user experience and data structures.


As principal investigator

  • GAUK 1704218: Automatické zjednodušování textu jako pomoc čtenářům (a strojům) [Automated text simplification as an aid for readers (and machines)], 2018-2020

Other projects

  • LTC18020: Modelování complexity českých literárních textů [Modelling complexity of Czech literary texts], May 2018 - October 2021, PI Silvie Cinková

Curriculum Vitae

Selected education

  • since 2017, pursuing Ph.D. degree in Mathematical Linguistics (MFF UK)
  • 2015 - 2017 Master degree in Mathematical Linguistics (MFF UK)


I organize Czech Olympiad in informatics (called Mathematical olympiad, category P), I occasionally help with Central European Olympiad in Informatics too.


I was born on 29th January 1992.
I am married. We have a GSD puppy (born Apr 2017) and a wonderful daughter Linda (born Apr 2018). I hope we are not finished yet :)

My hobbies include mathematical linguistics of course :), hiking, gardening, playing the guitar, proof-reading, organizing events and chatting.


I don't teach any formal course. (Honestly, fleeing from a classroom with a crying baby is easier as a student than as the teacher.)

However, feel free to ask for a consultation regarding text simplification, user experience, git or social ethics.

Selected Bibliography