Automatic processing of text data

NPFL098 / ATKL00345

Pavel Straňák

úterý 10.40–13.50
Malostranské nám. 25, SU1

4. 4. 2017

Warm-up Unix

Suspending a running process

HTML Basics

HTML Basics (continued¹)

HTML Basics (continued²)

HTML table example

<table style="width:100%">


  1. Create an html document from the first sentence of the Czech training data of the UD 2.0.

  2. Create the same table with a script. Data for the sentence can be prepared in a separate input file.

  3. Create a script(s) that will create separate documents for sentences 100–110. from Czech UD Train. Every document will consist of the plain text sentence, below it table with collumns for order, form, parent, POS and syntactic function. Tales shall also have headers with collumn names.

Below the table there will be links to following/preceding sentences (files). First and last files correctly do not contain links to preceding/following.

  1. Write a script telling me "There are X people logged in to this machine. The last 3 persons who have logged in are: Y, Z, W."