Homework #3

Czech/Slovak speakers and adventurous speakers of other languages.

In short: Find 5 cases of NP clusters in Czech.

In English and Czech, a noun can be modified by preceding adjectives. However, in English it can be also modified by one or more preceding noun phrases (precisely N', NP would require a determiner). Sometimes they are also called noun compounds, because they exhibit many properties of morphological compouding. For example:

It seems that this construction is slowly being imported into Czech, some real examples include: There are traditional noun clusters in Czech. However in those cases, usually either In the imported constructions, the modifying noun precedes the head noun and it does not decline. Thus s operačním systémem Linux is a traditional Czech structure, while s Linux operačním systémem would be an imported structure (Linux Operating System); s Arénou Sazka would be traditional, while se Sazka Arénou is an import, etc.

Your task is to find 5 examples of these imported constructions in real life - look at product names, event names, etc. Just look around and you will see a lot of them. The 5 examples should differ by more than just choice of words (so don't give me a list consisting of Staropramen/Gambrinus/Krusovice/... extraliga). At least some of them should be more complex than a simple Noun + Noun.

Speakers of other languages

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