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TrEd Extension: pmltq (version 1.81)

PML Tree Query Interface for TrEd

(generated documentation)


Provides graphical interface for PML-TQ, which is a system for querying over treebanks or local files with a powerful query language.


PML-TQ query language and tools (including this TrEd GUI) will be described in

Quick start

Press Shift+F3 or using Macros -> Tree_Query -> *Start Tree Query.


This extension can be installed directly from TrEd, using Setup >> Manage Extensions >> Get New Extensions; just make sure the repository is enabled in Setup >> Manage Extensions >> Edit Repositories.

TrEd macro files:

Resource files:

Script files:


Copyright (c) 2008 by Petr Pajas


This is a free software distributed under GPL - The General Public Licence.
Full text of the GPL can be found at