Patterns for throw

Pattern / Implicature
1 [Human] throw [Physical Object 1] AdvDirection(({at} Physical Object 2 = Target)^({} )^({}))
[[Human]] uses the hand(s) to propel [[Physical Object]] ([[Direction]]) for a short distance
2 [passive] see comment [[Animal | Horse| Force]^[Natural Landscape Feature = Volcano]] throw [Human | Physical Object] AdvDirection
[[Animal | Horse| Force | {Natural Landscape Feature = Volcano}]] causes [[Human | Physical Object]] to move suddenly, rapidly, and unexpectedly [Adv[Direction]]
3 [Human] throw [{dice}]
[[Human]] propels {dice} with the hand for a short distance through the air onto a surface, when playing dice (a game of chance)
5 [Human 1] throw [{arms}] [{round | around} Human 2]
[[Human 1]] embraces [[Human 2]]} enthusiastically, typically as a greeting
6 [Human] throw [Self] AdvDirection
[[Human]] moves suddenly and violently [[Direction]]
typically in order to commit suicide
7 [Human] throw [Self] [{into} Activity] ({wholehartedly|fully|vigorously}) ({with} {zeal})
[[Human]] begins to undertake [[Activity]] with great energy
8 idiom  [idiom] [Human 1] throw [Self] [[{at} Human 2]^[{at} {the feet of [[Human 2]]}]^[{into} {the arms of [[Human 2]]}]]
[[Human 1]] makes obvious and sometimes ridiculous or desperate attempts to get [[Human 2]] to notice [[Human 1]]
[[Human 1]] is motivated by desire, love, or lust for [[Human 2]]
9 idiom  [idiom] [Human 1] throw [Self] [{on} {mercy of [[Deity | Human 2]]}]
[[Human 1]] places [[Self]] in the power of [[Deity | Human 2]]}}, in the hope that [[Deity | Human 2]] will be nice to [[Human 1]]
10 idiom  [idiom] [Anything] throw [{light}] [{on } Concept]
[[Anything]] provides information that makes [[Concept]] easier to understand
11 [Anything] throw [Entity] [{into} {relief| focus| contrast}]
[[Anything]] causes [[Entity]] to be perceived more clearly
typically, by contrast with some other [[Entity 2]]
12 [Human] throw [{shadow|light}] [{on} Location]
[[Human]] causes {shadow|light} to appear {on [[Location]]}
13 idiom  [idiom] [Anything] throw [{doubt}] [{on } Proposition]
[[Anything]] causes people to doubt the truth or validity of [[Proposition]]
14 [[Human 1]^[Institution]] throw [Human 2] [{into} Location = Jail]
[[Human 1 | Institution]] causes [[Human 2]] to be imprisoned
15 [Eventuality] throw [Entity] [{into} ZERO-ART State | {turmoil| disarray| doubt| confusion} = Confused = Bad]
[[Eventuality]] causes [[Entity]] to get into [[State = Confused = Bad]]
16 pv  [phrasal verb] [Human| Human Group|Institution] throw [Artifact|Stuff | {rubbish|waste|garbage|...}] [[{away|out}]^[{into|in} Container | {bin|basket|...}]^[{down} the {sink|drain|waste|garbage|...}]^[{into} {fire}]^[{out of} {window}]]
[[Human]] discards or gets rid of [[Artifact|Stuff]]
[[Human]] has no further use for [[Artifact|Stuff]]
17 pv  [phrasal verb] [Human] throw [Physical Object] [{overboard}]
[[Human]] discards or gets rid of [[Physical Object]] from a ship
18 pv  [phrasal verb] [Human] throw [[Concept]^[Document = Concept]^[{part|bill|case|plan|bid|case|charge|...}]] [{out}]
[[Human]] discards or rejects [[Concept|Document|{part|bill|case|plan|bid|case|charge|...}]]
[[Human]] considers [[Concept]] to be bad or useless
19 [Human 1] throw [Human 2] [[{out of} Building]^[{out of} Human Group]^[{out}]]
[[Human 1]] brutally causes [[Human 2]] to leave [[Building | Human Group]]
20 pv  [phrasal verb] [Human] throw [Physical Object = Blanket | Clothes] [{off}]
[[Human]] removes [[Physical Object = Blanket | Clothes]] with a sudden forceful movement
21 pv  [phrasal verb] [Human|Human Group] throw [Entity | {yoke | shackle| communism| liberal democracy} = Constraint] [{off}]
[[Human|Human Group]] get free from [[Entity = Constraint]]
[[Entity]] is troublesome and unwanted
23 idiom  [idiom] [Anything] throw [[Human]^[Institution]] ({off} {balance})
[[Anything]] causes [[Human | Institution]] to be disconcerted or disoriented
24 idiom  [idiom] [Eventuality] throw [[Human]^[Institution]] ({off} {course})
[[Event]] causes [[Human | Institution]] to be unable to follow the original [[Plan]]
25 idiom  [idiom] [Anything] throw [[Human = Investigator]^[Dog = Bloodhound]] [{off} {scent}]
[[Anything]] confuses [[Human = Investigator | {Dog = Bloodhound}]] in the course of a pursuit or investigation
26 pv  [phrasal verb] [Human] throw (Stuff) [{up}]
[[Human]] vomits (Stuff)
27 pv  [phrasal verb] [Human] throw [Entity = PL] [{together}]
[[Human]] merges pieces of [[Entity]] without much consideration
[[Artefact]] is not well designed or reliable
28 pv  [phrasal verb] see comment [[Eventuality]^[Human 1]] throw [Human 2 = PLURAL] [{together}]
[[Eventuality | Human 1]] causes [[Human 2 = PLURAL]] to meet by chance and spend time in each other's company
29 pv  [phrasal verb] [Human | Animal|Force] throw [Stuff|Material| = PL] [{up}]
[[Human|Animal|Force]] piles [[Stuff|Material]] without deliberate design or structure
30 pv  [phrasal verb] [Process | Human|Institution|Document] throw [Abstract] [{up}]
[[Process|Human|Institution|Document]] causes [[Abstract]] to come suddenly into existence or to become suddenly noticeable
31 pv  [phrasal verb] [Human] throw [Activity = Career] [{up}]
[[Human]] abandons [[Activity = Career]]
32 idiom pv  [idiom] [phrasal verb] [Human] throw [Performance|Assistance|Service|Activity|Plan|Privilege|Physical Object|Stuff = product|goods] [{in}] ({for} {good measure})
[[Human|Institution]] adds more [[Performance|Assistance|Privilege|Service|Activity|Plan|Physical Object|Stuff = product|goods]] to its standard offer of [[[Performance|Assistance|Privilege|Service|Activity|Plan|Physical Object|Stuff = product|goods]] without additional charge
to please the customer or client and make him return
33 idiom  [idiom] [Human] throw [the {baby}] [{out}] [{with} the {bathwater}]
[[Human]] discards good things as well as unwanted things all at the same time
34 idiom  [idiom] [Human] throw [{spanner}] [{in | into} {the works}]
[[Human]] destroys a plan or process
35 idiom  [idiom] [Human] throw [the {towel| sponge}] [{in}]
[[Human]] gives up and decides that he/she is unable to continue
36 idiom pv  [idiom] [phrasal verb] [Human] throw [REFLDET {weight}] [{around|about}]
[[Human]] behaves in a bullying manner
37 idiom  [idiom] [[Human 1]^[Institution 1]^[Human Group 1]] throw [REFLDET {weight|support}] [[{behind} Human 2]^[{behind} Institution 2]^[{behind} Plan]]
[[Human 1 | Institution 1|Human Group 1]] gives full support to [[Human 2 | Institution 2 | Plan | Human Group 2]]
38 idiom  [group: 38, 70] [idiom] [Human 1] throw [{punch}]
[[Human 1]] starts a fight by punching or attempting to punch [[Human 2]]
39 idiom  [idiom] [Human] throw [{party|bash}]
[[Human]] organizes a party ( =happy event, celebration)
40 idiom  [idiom] [Human] throw [{tantrum | wobbly | fit}]
[[Human]] behaves in a childishly angry and uncontrolled manner
41 idiom  [idiom] [Human] throw [{caution|security}] [{to} the {wind|winds}]
[[Human]] behaves recklessly and foolishly
42 idiom  [idiom] see comment [Human 1] throw [Human 2] [{in}] [{at} {the deep end}]
[[Human]] starts work or other activitity without receiving proper training or preparation
43 idiom  [idiom] [[Human 1]^[Human Group 1]] throw [REFLDET {lot}] [{in}] [[{with} Human 2]^[{with} Human Group 2]]
[[Human 1 | Human Group 1]] joins [[Human 2 | Human Group 2]] for some purpose
44 idiom pv  [idiom] [phrasal verb] [[Human 1]^[Institution 1]] throw [{gauntlet | challenge}] ({down|out}) [[{to | at} Human 2]^[{to | at} Institution 2]]
[[Human 1 | Institution 1]] issues an explicit or (more often) implicit challenge to [[Human 2 | Institution 2]])
45 idiom  [group: 45, 61] [idiom] [[Human]^[Institution]] throw [Money | {money|resources}] [{at} Eventuality = Problem]
[[Human | Institution]] spends {money} wastefully on [[Eventuality = Problem]], in an attempt to solve the problem but without any real hope of success
46 idiom  [idiom] [Human 1] throw [{book}] [{at} Human 2]
[[Human 1]] accuses [[Human 2]]} of severe misconduct or of every imaginable breach of the rules
47 [Human 1] throw [Human 2] AdvDirection
[Human 1] violently pushes or shoves or kicks [Human 2] or gives [Human 2] such a punch that [Human 1] loses control over his movements and falls
[Human 1] does this in order to injure [Human 2]
48 [group: 48, 16] [Human|Institution|Human Group] throw [State|Resource|Concept|Reputation|Psych|Opportunity|Power|Privilege|Relationship|Plan | {chance|opportunity|result|work|design|achievement|idea}] [{away}]
[Human | Institution | Human Group] abandons [State|Resource|Concept|Reputation|Psych|Opportunity|Power|Privilege|Relationship|Plan] as outdated
Speaker thinks that [State|Resource| Concept|Reputation|Psych|Opportunity|Power|Privilege|Relationship|Plan] is still adequate and that [Human] is wrong
49 [group: 49, 60, 70] [Human 1|Institution 1] throw [{insults}] [{at} Human 2]
[Human 1| Institution 1] says offensive things to or about [Human 2]
50 [Human] throw [Money] [{away|around|about}]
[Human] wastes his [Money] uselessly, vainly
51 [Human] throw [{switch|handle}]
[Human] moves {handle|switch} up or down in order to start or stop a machine
52 [Human|Animal] throw [REFLDET Body Part] AdvDirection
[Human|Animal] jerks his [Body Part]
53 [Human] throw [Garment] AdvDirection[[{on}]^[{over|around} Body Part|Artifact]]
[Human] loosely covers or encloses [REFLDET Body Part] or [Artifact] with [Garment]
54 [Human] throw [Aperture|Artifact | {port|door|...}] [{open}]
[Human|Force|Event] forcibly opens [Aperture|Artifact|Building|{port|door|...}]
55 [group: 55, 56] [passive] [Human 1|Institution 1|Human Group 1] throw [Human 2|Institution 2|Human Group 2] [{back}] [{on} Anything]
[Human 1|Institution 1|Human Group 1] forces [Human 2|Institution 2|Human Group 2] to use his own resources or abilities because there is no other option
56 [group: 56,55] [passive] [Human 1|Institution 1|Human Group 1] throw [Human 2|Institution 2|Human Group 2] [{on} Payment|Resources|Institution 3|Human Group 3|Service | {dole}]
[Human 1|Institution 1|Human Group 1] makes [Human 2|Institution 2|Human Group 2] unable to manage his economy and makes him dependent on [Payment|Resources|Institution 3|Human Group 3|Service]
57 idiom  [idiom] [Human 1|Institution 1|Human Group 1| Eventuality 1] throw [Eventuality 2] [{open}] [{for} Human 2|Human Group 2|Institution 2]
[Human 2|Human Group 2|Institution 2] is suddenly welcome to make use of or participate in [Eventuality]
58 pv  [phrasal verb] [Human] throw [Physical Object 2] [{over}]
[Force|Event|Physical Object 1] turns [Physical Object 1] forcibly over
60 [group: 60, 49] [Human 1|Institution 1| Eventuality 1] throw [Eventuality 2 = Bad] [{at} Human 2| Human Group 2| Institution 2]
[Human 2|Human Group 2|Institution 2] has to face [Eventuality 2] because of [Human 1|Institution 1| Eventuality 1]
61 [[Human]^[|Institution|Human Group]] throw [[Weapon|Machine|Human Group | {troops|...} = military]^[Attitude|Action|Concept]] (({in})^({into|against|...} ))
[Human|Human Group|Institution] deploys [Anything] to solve a problem
62 [Human 1| Human Group 1] throw [Human 2 | Human Group 2| Concept|Speech Act | {attack|counterattack|} = attack]
[Human 1 Human Group 1] parries the attack or pervasion of [Human 2| Human Group 2|Concept|Speech Act = Attack]
63 [light verb] [Eventuality 1|Human] throw [{emphasis|weight}] [{on} Eventuality 2]
[Eventuality 1|Human] emphasizes [Eventuality 2]
64 [Human] throw [REFLDET {voice}]
[Human] alters his {voice} in order to pretend somebody else is making the sound
65 [no adverbial] [Human] throw [Artifact | {bowl|mug|jar|ceramics|pottery|...}]
[Human] creates [Artifact = pottery] from clay on a potters'wheel
66 idiom pv  [idiom] [phrasal verb] [Human 1] throw [Anyhing] [{back}] [{in} [Human 2]'s {face}]
[Human 1] behaves badly towards [Human 2] by returning or twisting or abusing [Anything], which [Human 2] approves or has has said or created
67 [group: 67,68, 1] [Human] throw [Physical Object] ({at} Physical Object = target)
[Human] propels a [Physical Object =small] with his hands, in order to hit [Physical Object = target]
typically the target should be damaged
68 [group: 68, 67, 1] [Human] throw [Liquid|Stuff] AdvDirection[{over|into|off|onto} Physical Object]
[Human] pours [Liquid|Stuff] over, into or out of [Physical Object]
hastily and energetically
69 pv  [phrasal verb] see comment [Human] throw [Speech Act|Proposition|Concept|Attitude] [{in}]
[Human] adds [Speech Act|Proposition|Concept|Attitude] into a discourse or conversation
to enrich a [Concept] with new ideas or make a good impression on the audience
70 [light verb] [Human] throw [Event|State|Property] ({at} Anything)
[Human] does [Event|State|Property] to [Anything]
71 [Human] throw [Physical Object] ({into} Container|Building|Location)
[Human] hastily packs or clears away [Physical Object] into [Container|Building|Location]
72 [group: 72, 16, 47] [Human = murderer] throw [Body = dead victim] AdvDirection
[Human = Murderer] disposes of, discards or hides [Body = dead victim] to some place
73 [Human 1] throw [{to} Human 2|Human Group] [Physical Object]
[Human 1] propels [Physical Object] with his hands in order to give it [Human 2|Human Group ]
74 [Human] throw [{to} Animal|Animal Group|Bird|Insect|Fish|Snake] [Physical Object = food]
[Human] propels [Physical Object = food] with his hands in order to feed [Animal|Animal Group|Bird|Insect|Fish|Snake] with it
76 [group: 1,76] [Human] throw [REFLDET {hat|cap}] [{in} the {air}]
[Human] indicates joy by propelling his {hat|cap|...} upwards with his hand and catching it again