Patterns for smell

Pattern / Implicature
1 [[Human]^[Animal]] smell [[Physical Object]^[Air | {air| scent| fragrance|...}]]
[[Human | Animal]] detects by means of the sense of smell located in the nose an odour which is emitted by [[Physical Object]] and is carried by [[Air]]
2 [Human] smell [Abstract | {danger| death| trouble| scam| con| persecution}]
[[Human]] is able to detect [Abstract] by instinct or intuition on the basis of very scanty evidence
3 idiom  [idiom] see comment [Human] smell [{a rat}]
[[Human]] begins to suspect that something is wrong, deceptive, or illicit
4 [no object] [Physical Object | {discharge|infection|diarrhorea|sock|condom|fester|abattoir|stool|sore|urine}] smell ({awful|rotten|bad|fishy|dreadful|foul|unpleasant|...}) ({strongly|badly|powerfully|worse|...})
[[Physical Object]] emits an odour that human beings find unpleasant
5 [no object] see comment [Physical Object] smell [[{like} Entity|Stuff|Gas|Liquid]^[Entity|Stuff|Gas|Liquid]^[{of} Entity|Stuff|Gas|Liquid]] [{sweet|good|funny|revolting|appalling|...}]
[[Physical Object]] emits an [ADJP] odour or an odour usually associated with [Entity|Stuff|Gas|Liquid]
[Physical Object] has been in contact with [Entity|Stuff|Gas|Liquid] or contains [Entity|Stuff|Gas|Liquid] or emits [Entity|Stuff|Gas|Liquid]
6 idiom  [idiom] [Human 1] smell [{blood}] ({in} the {water})
[Human 1] feels that [Human 2 = adversary] is weak and can be defeated
7 idiom  [no object] [idiom] see comment exact phrase=smelling of roses [Human|Activity|Action|Artifact|Concept] come up | emerge smell
[[Human|Activity|Action|Artifact|Concept]]'s reputation has become very good, mostly undeserved
8 see comment [Eventuality 1] smell [[{hole in the corner deal|...}]^[{of } Anything = bad, immoral or dangerous]^[{like|Anything} = bad, immoral or dangerous]]
[Eventuality 1] is suspect and likely to be connected to [Anything = bad, immoral or dangerous]
9 [Human] smell [Physical Object]
[Human] puts nose to [Physical Object] to detect its smell