Patterns for smash

Pattern / Implicature
1 [[Human]^[Event]] smash [Physical Object] ({up})
[[Human | Event]] violently breaks [[Physical Object]] into pieces or crushes [[Physical Object]]
2 [no object] [[Vehicle]^[Physical Object 1]^[Wave]^[Human = Driver]] smash AdvDirection(({into | through | against |to} Physical Object 2)^({}))
[[Vehicle | Physical Object | Wave]] strikes [[Physical Object]] with violent force, causing or suffering damage
3 [Human] smash [Physical Object 1] [{into | against | through} Physical Object 2]
[[Human]] causes [[Physical Object 1]] to strike [[Physical Object 2]] violently , typically causing damage
4 [[Human Group 1]^[Activity 1]] smash [[Human Group 2]^[Activity 2]^[Concept]]
[[Human Group 1 | Activity 1]] destroys [[Human Group 2]] or causes [[Activity 2]] of [[Human Group 2]] to come to a sudden end or proves that a [Concept] is wrong
5 [[Human]^[Animal]] smash [REFLDET {way}] AdvDirection
[[Human | Animal]] moves [Adv[Direction]] in a violent and aggressive manner, causing damage
6 pv  [phrasal verb] [Human] smash [Physical Object] [{down}]
[[Human]] destroys [[Physical Object]] with force
7 [Human] smash [[Physical Object]^[face]] [{in}]
[[Human]] destroys {[[Physical Object ]] | face}, causing it to collapse into the inside
8 [Human] smash [{record}]
[[Human]] does better than {record} for some activity, and sets a new best record
9 [no object] [Human|Animal] smash [[{into} Physical Object]^[{in}]]
[Human|Animal] breaks into [Physical Object], causing damage to it
10 [Human|Physical Object 1] smash [Aperture | {hole}] AdvLocation[{in} Physical Object 2]
[Human|Physical Object 1] makes an [Aperture|{hole}] in [Physical Object 2]