Patterns for say

Pattern / Implicature
1 [[Human 1]^[Institution 1]^[Document]] say [Proposition|Eventuality | {nothing|it|little|everything|a lot|this|that|word|anything} | THAT-CL|WH-CL|QUOTE] (({to} Human 2)^({to} Institution 2))
[[Human 1 | Institution 1]] utters {[CLAUSE] | [QUOTE]} in speech or in [[Document]] addressed to [[Human 2 | Institution 2]]
2 [{this|that|it|which}] is to say * [THAT-CL|WH-CL|QUOTE]
{This|that|it} means [THAT-CL|QUOTE]
3 [no object] [[Human]^[Institution]] say [{to} Self]
[[Human | Institution]] thinks {that [CLAUSE] | [QUOTE]}
4 [passive] [Anything] is said * [TO+INF]
A rumour is going around to the effect that [[Anything]] [V]
5 [passive] [{it}] said * [THAT-CL] ({of} Anything)
There is a rumour (about [[Anything]]}) {that [CLAUSE]}
6 [Human] say [[the Word | {word}]^[Phrase]]
[[Human]] utters [[Word | Phrase]] phonetically (in a particular way)
7 [Eventuality] say [nothing|little|everything|a lot|much|this|that|anything | THAT-CL|WH-CL|QUOTE] ({about} Anything = topic)
[[Eventuality]] provides evidence for the truth of [CLAUSE]
8 idiom  [idiom] [Human | {you}] would say [THAT-CL|QUOTE]
Do you think it is true {that [CLAUSE]}?
9 idiom  [idiom] [{you | one}] cannot say [{fairer than that}]
What has just been said is reasonable.
10 idiom  [no adverbial] [idiom] exact phrase=needless to say, say [THAT-CL]
it is obvious []THAT-CL|Quote]
11 idiom  [no object] [no adverbial] [idiom] exact phrase=, say say
for instance
12 [{we|you|one|you}] can|might say [THAT-CL|WH-CL|QUOTE]
{we|I|one|you} know or find likely to be true
13 exact phrase=[Eventuality 1] [...] that said, [Eventuality 2] [Human | QUOTE] say
despite [Eventuality 1], [Eventuality 2] occurs
14 [{it|inscription|notice|header|headline|sub-head|title|subtitle}] say [QUOTE]
it is written somewhere [QUOTE|THAT-CLAUSE]