Patterns for pour

Pattern / Implicature
1 [Human] pour [[Liquid]^[Stuff = powdery, mushy]^[Gas]] AdvDirection
[[Human]] causes [Liquid]^[Stuff = powdery, mushy]^[Gas] to flow from [[Physical Object = Container]] in a steady stream (into a container or onto a surface)
2 [group: 2,5] [Human 1] pour ({to} Human 2) [Liquid = Beverage]
[[Human 1]] serves [[Liquid = Beverage]] from a [[Container]] into a cup or glass for [[Human 2]] to drink
3 see comment [[Human]^[Institution]] pour [[Money]^[Resource | {time}]^[{ingenuity|energy|effort|care|attention}]] [[{into} Entity = Project]^[{into} Activity = Project]^[{into} Location = project]]
[[Human | Institution]] contributes [[Money | Resource|Attitude]] to [[Entity | Activity = Project]] in large amounts
4 idiom  [idiom] [Human] pour [[Money]^[Resource]] [{down} the {drain}] [{into} {black hole}]
[[Human]] spends large quantities of [[Money | Resource]] wastefully, without any benefit
5 [group: 2,5] [Human 1] pour ({for} Human 2) [[Container | {cup| glass} = for drinks]^[Liquid = beverage]] [{out}]
[[Human 1]] serves [[Liquid = Beverage]] (from [[Physical Object = Container 1]]) into [[Physical Object = Container 2]] for [[Human 2]] to drink
6 [no object] [[Liquid]^[Stuff = powdery, mushy]^[Gas]] pour AdvDirection
[Liquid]^[Stuff=powdery, mushy]^[Gas] flows rapidly and in large amounts
8 [no object] [Liquid = Rainwater] pour [{down}]
It is raining heavily
9 [no object] [{It}] pour ({down}) [{with} {rain}]
It is raining heavily
11 [no object] [[Human = PL]^[Information = PL]^[Money = PL]^[Resource = PL]^[Artifact = PL]^[Animal = PL]] pour AdvDirection[[{in|out}]^[{into|from} ]^[{out of} Location|Container|Building]]
[[Human | Information | Money|Resource|Artifact|Animal=PL]] moves in large numbers in a AdvDirection
12 pv  [phrasal verb] see comment [Human] pour [[Emotion]^[Speech Act]^[Proposition]^[Eventuality]] [{out}]
[Human1] reveals [Human 2] everything about [[Emotion|Speech Act|Proposition|Eventuality]] sincerely and in an unrestrained way
13 idiom pv  [idiom] [phrasal verb] [Human] pour [{heart|soul}] [{out}]
[Human1] reveals [Human 2] everything about [[Emotion|Speech Act|Proposition|Eventuality]] sincerely and in an unrestrained way
14 pv  [phrasal verb] [Entity 1] pour [Stuff|Entity 2 = Product = PL] [{out}]
[[Entity]] produces [[Stuff = Product]] in large amounts
15 idiom  [idiom] [Human] pour [{cold water}] [[{on} Concept|Plan]^[{on} Emotion|Attitude = positive]]
[[Human]] is discouraging about [[Concept|Plan]]^[Emotion|Attitude =positive]
16 idiom  [idiom] [[Human]^[Institution]^[Speech Act]^[Document]] pour [{scorn}] [{on} Anything]
[[Human | Institution | Speech Act]] speaks with contempt about [Anything]
17 idiom  [idiom] see comment [Human] pour [{oil}] [{on} {troubled water(s)}]
[[Human]] tries to settle a disagreement with words intended to pacify those involved
18 idiom  [idiom] [Human] pour [{quart}] [{into} {pint pot}]
[[Human]] attempts to cause something to contain more than it really can contain
19 [group: 19,1] [Human] pour [[Liquid]^[Stuff = mushy or powdery]^[Gas]] [[{away}]^[{down} {drain|sink}]]
[Human] discards [Liquid]^[Stuff=powdery or mushy]^[Gas]
20 [Human|Institution|Deity|Human Group] pour [Emotion|Attitude|Action|Privilege|Property|Proposition|Information|Speech Act] AdvDirection[[{} Anything]^[{out}]]
[Human|Institution|Deity|Human Group] provides [Anything] with [Emotion|Attitude|Emotion|Action|Privilege|Property|Speech Act|Proposition|Information] in overwhelming amounts
22 pv  [no object] [phrasal verb] [Emotion|Attitude|Emotion|Action|Privilege|Property|Speech Act|Proposition|Information] pour [{out}]
[Emotion|Attitude|Emotion|Action|Privilege|Property|Speech Act|Proposition|Information] appears in overwhelming amounts
23 [no object] [Resource| Information | Money|Activity] pour [{into} Activity|Action|Entity = project]
[[Resource|Information | Money|Activity]] moves in large numbers into an [Activity|Action|Entity=project]
24 idiom  [idiom] [Human] pour [{tear|tears}]
[Human] weeps, [Human] sheds tears