Patterns for plug

Pattern / Implicature
1 [Human] plug [{hole}] ({up}) ({with} Stuff | Physical Object)
[[Human]] closes {hole} by filling it with [[Stuff | Physical Object]]
2 [Anything] plug [{gap | loophole}]
[[Anything]] supplies a missing but necessary or desirable component of a social system or range of products
3 [Human] plug [{ears}]
[[Human]] inserts plugs into {ears}, so that no noise can be heard with them
4 [Human] plug [Device | {guitar|electrode|cable|circuit board|handset|heater|...} = Electrical] [{in}] [[{into} System]^[{into} {socket|brain|desk|amplifier|stereo|...}]]
[[Human]] connects [[Device = Electrical]] to {[[System]] | socket}
5 pv  [no object] [phrasal verb] see comment [Device = Electrical] plug [{in}] [[{into} System]^[{into} {socket}]]
[[Human]] (not specified) connects [[Device = Electrical]] to {[[System]] | socket}
6 pv  [no object] [phrasal verb] [Human] plug [{in}] [[{into} System]^[{into} {socket}]]
[[Human]] connects [[Device]] (not specified) to {[[System]] | socket}
7 [no object] [Human | Institution] plug [{into} Abstract = Cultural System | Market]
[[Human | Institution]] gets access into [[Abstract = Cultural System | Market]]
8 [domain=advertising] [register=slang] [Human] plug [Artifact = Product]
advertising, slang. [[Human]] praises or speaks favorably about [[Artifact = Product]]
9 pv  [no object] [phrasal verb] [Human] plug [{away}] [{at} Anything]
[[Human]] works steadily and persistently {at [[Anything]]}
10 plugged * ({in}) [{into} Anything]
connected to, integrated in a (technical) network (about a device or a person using a device)
11 plugged * (({in})^({into} Anything))
connected to, integrated in a (social) network or concept (about a person, a product, a concept or an abstract entity)
12 [Human|Animal|Machine|Stuff] plug [Entity|Stuff]
[Human|Animal|Machine|Entity] closes a hole in an [Entity] with [Stuff|Physical Object]